‘Content is king’, a quote by Microsoft founder Bill Gates has been a reality since time immemorial. Today, even during the digital realm, content is the pawn, the knight, the king and everything. It holds the power to take businesses to new heights or turn them into mere pieces of memories. It is a bridge that connects people to brands, adds meaning to visuals and helps one deliver beyond the usual. From individuals to brands, everyone today is jumping on the bandwagon of copywriting and content writing because of the potential that content holds! So, let us dive deeper into what makes content immortal and the currency of digital marketing without which we’re equivalent to nothing.

1. Content Ranks

The one thing that is an absolute favourite of search engines is good content. The more consistent you are with producing content, the better your ranking will get. However, it isn’t just about quantity but quality too. Optimum SEO copywriting and content writing are an absolute necessity as they can help you earn qualified traffic to your website. Clear, concise and compelling content is not something that just search engines enjoy but the audience too, therefore, ensure to create simple yet impactful pieces that helps the brand be seen and loved.

2. Content Earns

Content guides people to your website and, at the same time, it also helps to earn links for several other websites. Links are one of the major contributors to Ranking. They act like ‘positive reviews’ for search engines and the more you have, the better are the chances for the site to rank well. You aren’t required to earn a mountain of links to rank well, a handful would do too. They might not help you fight with the big fishes of the industry but will definitely give you an edge over your local competition, and that’s what matters!

3. Content Informs

One of the major factors that make content a ‘must-have’ is that it plays a prominent role in informing people about the business and the industry. It helps give a brand its voice and communicates its story in a way that is heard not just by the audience but search engines too. When you create content, you aren’t just informing people about your brand but also helping them make the right decision. Moreover, the content you create doesn’t have a specific life span. It’ll continue to inform your potential customers year after year without any additional cost.

4. Content Attracts

The content you produce isn’t just limited to your website but can also be shared to several other social media platforms. Twitter and Facebook are the two social media giants that can work exceptionally well. However, platforms like Pinterest, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Instagram and Tumblr can also perform well depending on your industry. This can help you earn more traffic and achieve valuable conversions.

Content has today become the Jack and Master of all Trades that help brands to connect, compel and convert. Avail the best content that enables your brand to achieve High ROI through Light Buzz Media’s content writing services which help you achieve the valuable currency to become digital rich.