With the genesis of advanced tools and technologies, a majority of people assume SEO to be dead. The ‘traditional’ practice with over 25 years of history is often thought to be replaced by better alternatives. For people who think so, they’re absolutely wrong. This is because SEO in digital marketing is an unstoppable force that evolves and grows with the changing times to yield the best results for businesses, organically!

Will it be relevant in 2022?

There’s only one answer to this question and it is YES. There have been several SEO tactics that have been long dead, however, SEO has always been revamping itself to deliver exceptional results. It is no longer an option for businesses but has today become a necessity for them to reach new heights. Furthermore, the pandemic has forced multiple businesses to move from the ‘brick and mortar’ space to the online world. Well, guess what can be a great help for them to make an incredible digital presence? The best SEO services and strategies!

There are several misconceptions that surround SEO because of businesses that hired ineffective agencies that could make only big promises. To get the best results you need the finest SEO strategy and services that help achieve the desired outcomes.

Here’s why there is a long way for SEO to die:

1. Understand your audience

Rather than looking at SEO as a ‘worthless investment’, consider it to be a service that complements all the digital activities. Keyword research and mapping is undertaken by extensively researching the best keyword for your products/ services that can help a business gain valuable results. SEO helps you to tap into the minds of customers and understand their online nature. Furthermore, to comprehend your users' navigational, informational, transactional and other activities, SEO is the answer.

2. Authenticity and credibility

The trending tools such as social media sponsorships and PPC are excellent to augment brand awareness, however, organic search has the power to offer more than these tools have to offer- authenticity and credibility. The paid tools may have become the ‘next big thing’ but their commercialisation has turned them into something that everyone does and indulges in to get quick results. Paid or promoted content is something that online customers often dislike. Well-written SEO content helps you speak the language of your audience and feels less invading than the paid tools.

3.Better User Experience

One of the most important benefits of SEO in digital marketing in addition to the above is that it helps to enhance the user experience. In 2022, your website is your digital store that is required to look as good as the physical one and SEO helps to achieve that.

4. SEO never ends

SEO gives you the opportunity to get better with every change. By using SEO, you try to make the most of your online portal and website. It’s an ongoing process that allows you to optimise through building new pages or links, improving the technical aspects and more.

By now, you must have understood that SEO is here to stay. So, get the best of it through Light Buzz Media - a credible SEO company in Mumbai which proves that SEO is not just any other practice but the best investment you can make for your digital presence.