Copywriting and content writing have been the rulers of multiple industries and today, they also rule the digital marketing realm. This is because content is quintessential, in the absence of which, you’ll have nothing to say nor to post and not even to search. It’s a voice, an identity and a reality of brands that cannot be ignored, even if you wish to. That’s the power of content.

Google, the biggest ally of content, for every search works to offer the best results by understanding and ranking the content available on the internet. There are about 200 factors that contribute to ranking, which it hasn’t officially revealed. However, it has given enough information for SEO maestros to analyse the most important factor of ranking and that is content.

What makes content an important Google Ranking Factor?

Providers of professional SEO services often suggest opting for content or making it better if you wish your brand to rank higher on SERPs. Easy to digest, unique and well-structured content is one of the best ways to enhance user experience.

The content you create must be relevant, well-written and informative and should also include the essential keywords to meet Google's standards.

While content remains a comprehensive factor, there are several sub-factors within it that play an important role. These include:

  • E-A-T (Expertise, Authority and Trust)

E-A-T may not be a ranking factor but it is an effective way of measuring the quality, authenticity and reliability of website content. One of the best ways to improve E-A-T is to create content that is factually correct, authoritative and also offers valuable solutions consistently.

  • Content Structure

The more content you feed the HTML code on your website, the more information and clarity Google will get about the site. This increases the chances of Google placing the pages at high-ranking positions for the related searches. Write accurate meta descriptions, add keywords to the page title, H1 and H2 header tags and ensure to include images, videos, bullet points and more.

  • Search Intent

Always make sure that the content is on the same lines as the customer's search intent. Basically, it should provide answers to the queries that the users are searching for. This means that you are required to dive deeper to understand the search terms that the users are using and write the content accordingly.

By writing content that offers answers and solutions you build an image of your brand as a company that understands what the audience is looking for and is working to offer them solutions.

There are several other factors that are vital for excellent Google ranking apart from content. They are as follows:

  • Website structure
  • Google page experience
  • Quality links

Content has and will always be the MVP. Make sure to make the most of it by partnering with the finest digital marketing agency in India that does not just deliver words but an experience that garners high ranking and exceptional results. While there is a sea of content available online, there are very few well-written content pieces available. Ensure yours is one of them.