Today, every social media marketing agency takes inspiration from some of the successful brands that lead not just in the real world but in the virtual world too. The list includes big companies such as Zomato, Amul and many others that level up their social media game with every content they post.

It may seem like a cake-walk to the viewers but it is nothing less than walking on a road covered with shards of increasing competition, roadblocks of creativity and a lot more. However, overcoming all these obstacles, there are some of the brands that have emerged to be pioneers of creative content and suckers of all the Likes, Comments and Shares.

Here are a few of the revolutionary brands that rule the social world:

1. Amul

A brand that has today become a household name, Amul has excelled not just in taste but also in advertising for decades. From billboards to social media posts, the brand knows how to make everything ‘utterly butterly delicious.’

Amul is popularly known for posting topical content by adding in an element of Amul and of course the famous mascot. The brand’s representation of the trending topics is always spot on which not only enables awareness but also leads to high engagement.

2. Zomato

The way to the heart may be through the stomach but today it is also through social media and no one knows this better than Zomato. The red striking posts with minimal content and graphics have become a signature and identity of the brand on social media. From memes to reels and more, Zomato ensures to create an indelible impact with everything they post on their feed and also with what they deliver and feed.

The brand capitalises on topical content and nails it with compelling creatives that get them what everyone strives for- likes, comments, shares and also a lot of DM’s.

3. Netflix

The streaming giant makes everyone go screaming not only with their amazing movies/series but also their social media content. Today, viewers binge-watch their social media feed because it is as entertaining as any series. From upcoming releases to popular hits and more, Netflix presents each content in its unique way, creating awareness and curiosity amongst the viewers. Memes, tweets, quizzes, reels, you name it, Netflix does it all.

4. Durex

Yet another brand that never fails to amaze is Durex. The famous condom and personal lubricant brand has created its own niche unlike any other condom company in India. Through sexual innuendos in every post, Durex makes sure to grab attention and also convey the message in a not-so explicit manner. The brand achieves what every social media management company dreams of- high engagement, increased awareness and a lot more through its effective social media strategies and posts.

It’s more than just posting that has made these brands what they’re today in the social world. Avail the mantra to success through Light Buzz Media- a leading digital marketing agency in India that puts the spotlight on your brand and gives it the attention it deserves.